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The Brent Advice Fund (BAF) Panel meets six times a year. The final date to submit applications for the next Panel is 22nd October 2019


Please note there is less than £15K currently remaining in the BAF fund for 2019/2020.

We would therefore encourage you to consider match funding if your application requires more than this amount



Please note, you will need to be eligible for membership of Brent Community Advice Network (BCAN) and can download the relevant BCAN Membership documents here. Your application to the Brent Advice Fund will not be assessed until your organisation has been accepted to the Brent Community Advice Network. For any queries on BCAN, please contact [email protected].


For guidance notes, please visit Brent Advice Fund Guidance to view the questions and help notes.

If you have any queries on the Brent Advice Fund, you can contact [email protected]


To help you with any queries you may have, or to meet us for advice on BAF, we will be running a workshop. To book a place please click the link below:



We have also set aside some sessions for one-to-one advice. You can book a one hour appointment using the following links, or emailing [email protected]:







                    If any of the booking links are not working please email Steve at [email protected] with your request

An FAQ can be found at the bottom of the Guidance