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The Brent Advice Fund (BAF) is now open. The Panel will meet on TBA 

The final date to submit applications for the next Panel is midnight on Sunday 12th July

Please note that the panel will award a maximum of 50% of the available funds at this panel. The remaining funds will be awarded later in the year


You will need to be eligible for membership of Brent Community Advice Network (BCAN) and can download the relevant BCAN Membership documents here. Your application to the Brent Advice Fund will not be assessed until your organisation has been accepted to the Brent Community Advice Network. For any queries on BCAN, please contact [email protected].


For guidance notes, please visit Brent Advice Fund Guidance to view the questions and help notes.

If you have any queries on the Brent Advice Fund, you can contact [email protected]



If you have any queries about the fund or need assistance with your application we have set aside some sessions for one-to-one advice, the timetable for these are below. You can book a one hour appointment by emailing [email protected]:


                    One-to-one on Thursday 2nd July in the afternoon

                    or Tuesday 7th July in the afternoon.

                    There are four slots open on each of those days.


An FAQ can be found at the bottom of the Guidance